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Updated May 19, 2015: United States Supreme Court refuses to review Katrina Wrongful Termination Class Action

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On May 18, 2015, the United States Supreme Court denied plaintiffs’ request for review of the Louisiana Supreme Court decision in the Hurricane Katrina wrongful termination class action against the Orleans Parish School Board, State of Louisiana, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Louisiana Department of Education. The Louisiana Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit against the Orleans Parish School Board and the State Defendants. For more details, please go to the plaintiffs’ website at...

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Updated February 6, 2015: New Louisiana Teacher Tenure Law is now in effect

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The Louisiana Teacher Tenure Law has been amended. The new law sent into effect on July 1, 2014. We have prepared a “Question and Answer” flyer, which answers some of the most common questions about the new law, and also prepared a flyer with the entire text of the new law. Please see “Publications” page on this website.

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Updated Sept. 30, 2014: Louisiana passes new law prohibiting employers from requiring employees to divulge their social media passwords.

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The Louisiana legislature in 2014 passed a new law that prohibits employers in Louisiana from requiring employees to divulge their usernames and passwords on their social media accounts. This law also prohibits employers from requiring applicants and prospective employers from disclosing their usern

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Updated October 17, 2014: The Louisiana Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of Act 1 of 2012

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On January 8, 2014, the Honorable R. Michael Caldwell, Judge, 19th Judicial District Court, ruled that Act 1 of the 2012 Legislature is unconstitutional. On September 5, 2014, the Louisiana Supreme Court reversed that ruling, holding that Act 1 of 2012 does not violate the “single object” clause in the Louisiana Constitution. We are proud to represent the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, Jefferson Federation of Teachers, and two tenured teachers employed in Louisiana public school districts, the plaintiffs. We are disappointed in...

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Louisiana Supreme Court declares Voucher Funding Mechanism Unconstitutional!

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On May 7, 2013, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the funding mechanism for the Minimum Foundation Program violates the Louisiana Constitution. The Louisiana Constitution states that MFP funds most be allocated to public school systems, but the 2012 legislature still voted to divert those funds to non-public schools. The Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the Honorable Timothy Kelley, Judge, 19th Judicial District Court. Our law firm was honored to represent the Louisiana Federation of Teachers in this lawsuit. The Louisiana...

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